Beekeepers keeping bees

Bristol’s Nu Funk pioneer Boca45 and rising star Parker, joined forces in early 2009,deciding the time was right to knock their cider riddled heads together and produce some badass B Funk. Brought together by a mutual love of beats, breaks and Bristol City they have set about making some of the illest tracks on the planet.

Taking in the vast array of influences that have dominated their dj sets for years, their joint productions effortlessly glide through soul, breaks, funk, rock, classical and back again. Coined ‘B Funk’ by the pair, the sound is something you’d be likely to hear from the love child of DJ Shadow and Quincy. Combining mad digging skills, phat back drums and nu skool production the Bristol bredthen have played to their strengths and raised their game to uncharted heights.

The first ep is completed and on its way courtesy of the ever on point Jalapeno Records, with a second firmly in the pipeline and a four deck show taking shape, its all about the ‘B Funk’ kids!